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Log: Maui Jiu Jitsu Sept 2011

maui jj sept 2011
thurs 9/15/11
Roll w Joel, Chris, Lance & a few other guys
1) escape hooks, pass to knee on belly:
  a) use shin to push down hook,
  b) windmill whip so foot is now inside
  c) lean forward, press on chest as you mule kick with same leg that passed hooks
  d) knee on belly

2) Worked on protecting neck when someone has taken your back.

Played sharktank

fri 9/16/11
Roll w Joel, Lance, (Lances wife), David, Haviere
1) Guard pass from knee in crotch position
  a) drive knee over thigh
  b) one arm under head, one arm under armpit
  c) slide remaining leg out to side control, use hip pressure.

2) Omoplata
  a) from guard, open guard, streghten one leg
  b) swing to side, bend leg over opponents arm/shoulder
  c) maintain lockdown, lean into opponent, hug back to prevent roll out
  d) OR, hug back of knees, streighten legs and use this position to sweep to side control, etc.

sat 9/17/11
Peruvian necktie w Joel, Lance, ...
  a) from north south, get over under grip
  b) hop up and place foot over the head of opponent
  c) fall back on angle while throwing leg over back og opponent
  d) arch back and pull to get the tap

Roll w Vince, escaped omoplata and sunk a triangle from mount.

mon 9/19/11
Electric chair w sweep w Joel, Lance,  Jonathan, Rob ...
Free rolling no gi w Rob the tattoo boy starting from back mount.
Roll w Lance almost got an omoplata on him

tues 9/20/11
Americana, transition to S mount and armbar, mount escape using leg hook X to sweep or take the back w Collin. Jake took over class and we rolled 5 min w each other, Christian, Lance, Loren, ... good workout. Nice detail on the americana from Collin.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Double Ended Bag Workout

Got my double ended bag. New goal, get as good as this guy...